Graphic Design & Photography by Shayanne Gal




I'm Shayanne Gal, or more accurately, not a Shay Gal ;)

I am a passionate graphic designer & photographer driven by a love for communications, cultural exchange, and making the world a smaller, more connected space through collective visual experiences. 

I love communicating through visual imagery and hitting people in the feels with bold and colorful work that has unique flare and personality. 

When I'm not designing or taking photos, I am wandering the globe, writing endless pages of thoughts, and pressing repeat on the same song 30+ times in a row depending on the season. I am also working on Voices of Refugees, a collective platform I co-launched that shares international refugee stories with an emphasis on the human perspective of the global crisis. 

Recent locations: USA // Chile // Peru // Argentina // Uruguay // Israel // Greece

Current location: New York, USA

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I am always looking to connect with other creative individuals, collaborate on projects, and innovate in the digital industry.

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