Graphic Design & Photography by Shayanne Gal
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Photography and Writing by Shayanne Gal

Visual Memories

There's something uniquely captivating about the way memory works. How memories work in accordance with intangible thoughts, feelings, sensations, and via visual remnants we store in the back of our brain only to emerge again upon conscious reflection. To me, there's something even more uniquely captivating about the way photography works in correspondence with memory. That instant in which you capture an image, thereby stamping it forever as a relic of time. That action of consciously transforming a split moment of existence into a tangible and eternal remnant. And therefore, shaping the power to reflect upon that instant as a snapshot of life, journey, and experience. I could relish in it forever. Being able to retrieve and reminisce on old photos I've taken will always hold an insurmountable significance to me, as these photos are now tangible memories, and being able to share these milliseconds of time with others is what really amplifies the whole art of photography at its core ... By virtually transcending memories from the realm of personal, split-second induced nostalgia to the realm of shared, collective reflection over eternal instants of our existence here on Earth. I am and forever will be grateful for this art.

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