Graphic Design & Photography by Shayanne Gal





Business Insider

A selection of articles I've contributed both graphic and written content to during my time as an Associate Graphic Designer. A few highlights include an overview of the refugee crisis and resettlement process in the United States, a comprehensive guide to traveling around the world, and what your handwriting says about you.


Huffington Post

As a contributing writer, I wrote about topics related to traveling solo and my time as a volunteer at a Syrian refugee camp in Greece.


Travelettes - "8 Breathtaking sites not to miss in the Atacama Desert"

A photo and list piece on the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile.


The Times of Israel - "I am an Israeli Jew moved to volunteer in the Syrian Refugee Crisis"

Inspired by the conflicting aspects of pressures in modern society, I wrote an article about the implications of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and about the way my identity and history as an Israeli Jew intersect with my willingness to help others in need - specifically in relation to this cause.